Sarah Banks

Standing 5 feet tall, this black-skinned beauty has a resilient feel about her. Sarah Banks has a narrow face with a sharp chin, a turned-up nose, ears that stick out in a cute way, defined cheekbones and plump lips. Her brown eyes are mesmerizing, and she has thick eyebrows. She wears pale eyeliner and subtle blush. She has pierced nipples and navel, there are several tattoos covering her body. She has a lean torso with surprisingly well-defined muscles, a small waist, bony hips, well-toned legs, and sexy feet. Her measurements are 32A-25-35 and she’s one of the hottest pornstars of her generation!

Banks first exploded onto the scene in 2016, when she was only nineteen. What really sold her right from the jump street is that Banks refused to play characters that misrepresented and stereotyped black women. She only played herself… in a brash, confident way. She never backed down from a challenging scene, she always gave it her 110%. With her levels of passion, it seemed that she’s ready to seriously injure herself just to provide fans with a spectacle that she feels they deserve.

In a matter of few years, Banks became THE figurehead of her generation of pornstars through the sheer force of her sexual charisma and dedication. She is mesmerizing in a way that fully transcends a typical pornstar. It’s hard to describe Banks without sounding flat-out masturbatory and/or pretentious, but she’s THAT special. We urge you to go through this beauty’s X-rated filmography and see why we consider her to be THE best.